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Feature: Archive 80R – The Kagayaki KBC Evolution V

The ‘Kagayaki’ (かがやき) is a high speed train service that operates between Tokyo and Kanazawa on the Hokuriku Shinkansen line.  It is jointly owned by JR East and JR West, and is the fastest train on this particular line reaching speeds of up to 260kph.  It also served as the inspiration for the livery and overall appearance of Oya-Ji’s widebody Evolution 5.

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Gallery: Archive 80R – Ms Machine Works Cayman GT3

Within Japan’s small group of elite tuners, there lies a select few who continuously take it among themselves to set the bar higher; taking their chosen projects and transforming them into something more akin to a factory backed race program.  The team at M’s Machine Works, led by Takayuki Mizumoto, are a shining example of this, and exactly why they were chosen to be featured in 80R Volume 3.

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Gallery: エスピーアール HURACÁN LP 620-2 Super Trofeo

While I wait to hear back from a few people in regards to pending articles, I thought I’d throw up some photos of a car that isn’t seen often in the Japanese Time Attack ring.  This Huracan ST was at Suzuka a while back running in the Attack series.  I’m so used to seeing Japanese builds that the owners have toiled over for so many years that seeing this new, untouched so to speak, Italian race car caught me off guard.  It was really quite a treat to see it out on track putting in some impressive lap times.