Gallery: Bodyworks Shimoyama Turbocharged AE86

Operating out of Kyushu’s Fukuoka Prefecture, Bodyworks Shimoyama has been providing body restoration, sheet metal repair, and race car preparation service to the greater Kyushu area since 1995.  The shop participates in a wide range of motor sports in the area, including Taikyu races and time attack events like Autopolis Super Lap and Exciting Battle Kyushu.  The shop owner, Kusuo Shimoyama, predominantly campaigns the shop’s demo car; a 500ps, turbocharged, widebody AE86.  Naturally, the body work and paint was done in house at Kusuo’s shop, while the engine tuning is taken care of by the Tomiyoshi brothers, utilizing the dyno at Fujii Racing.

Due to the extreme distance between Kyushu and Chiba, members of Kyushu Danji don’t often find themselves at Tsukuba Circuit.  However, because of Hannita’s return to Tsukuba this year (which unfortunately didn’t go to plan after a bad off in practice sessions), many of the team members decided to drive down to participate as well.  4 Tomiyoshi backed cars made the trek from the South to participate in the 10th anniversary event of Attack Tsukuba.  Kusuo, not having been to Tsukuba in years, was able to mark a 58.370 around TC2000.  If my information is correct, that’s an almost 7 second improvement from the first time he was here (1’05.xx).  Admittedly, at that time, I’m not sure if the car was turbocharged or not.

After Attack Tsukuba, the 86 underwent a complete engine overhaul.  The entire bottom end was rebuilt including a new block, pistons, conrod and crank.  The new motor was completed just in time for this year’s Autopolis Super Lap.  At the event, Kusuo was able to drive the 86 to a very quick 1’53.864, which is about a half second off his personal best.  To put that time into perspective, Hannita and the Kyushu Danji NSX ran a 1’47.2 two years ago in testing, which is the second fastest time overall (Fire Ando holds the course record with a 1’44.089).  After reviewing the data from the fastest lap set in a previous season (1’53.3xx), Tomiyoshi is certain that the car is capable of 1’52’s, if not 51’s at Autopolis.

We hope to see more of the team in the Kanto region next season.

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  1. JustaFormer11B

    I feel like this 86 creates more downforce sitting still than it is heavy! Lol that is a lot of wing on a little car. That burnt out body panel around the exhaust is so damn cool, and I have no idea why I love it so much. Maybe it’s the juxtaposition of body shop meets destruction. Thanks for bringing us another beautiful car!

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