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Editorial: Celebrating Community – A Tribute to Kazuyuki Takahashi

Having always been a very task-oriented person, I often times find myself gravitating more towards the desire of completing a project or event as opposed to the act of simply participating in it.  It wasn’t until the past few years in my life that I was taught to be mindful of the present, or, ‘enjoy the ride’ so they say.  While the wording of that saying may come off as childish and a bit pedestrian, there is merit to being able to live in the moment.  I’ve learned that checking in with yourself existentially every once in awhile can be beneficial.

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Feature: ネギ Shooting In Gunma – テクニカルオートワンズ

Well, this post has been a long time coming!  Hard to believe it was about 8 months I ago that I made the trek out to Gunma to shoot Takahashi’s FD for Super Street.  Now that the magazine has been off the stands for awhile, I think it’s about time I post up some new and behind the scene shots that weren’t used in the magazine.  To be honest I’ve been so caught up with other coverage and work in general that I forgot all about posting some shots.  I ran into Takahashi at the last Battle Evome and it reminded me I had these shots just sitting around.  He was at the event supporting the Wood Village S30, as he had just completed some work on it.