Locale: Unlimited Works’ Kazuhiro Sato – Evolution’s Tailor

        If by chance you found yourself driving on the Hachioji Highway in Kitamachi, West Yokohama, there’s a possibility that you may catch sight of a bright red building in… Continue reading

Locale: Misato Quick Stop – Zest Racing

  It seems like such a long time ago, although it was only a few months, that Sekinei and I made the quick drive up to the Misato area to visit Zest Racing. … Continue reading

Encounter: いぢりさんの白い友人

    Sekinei stopped by Daikoku this past weekend for the first time in quite awhile.  It just so happens that Idjiri-san and his friend ‘Sardony’ had cruised through as well.  I’ve posted… Continue reading

Event: Wekfest San Jose 2014 – V.3

    Figured I’d wrap up some more shots of Wekfest before I head to the shop and figure out why my car isn’t starting.  I really liked the look of this NSX… Continue reading

Event: Wekfest San Jose 2014 – V.2

    Making my way around the hall of the San Jose convention center, there was a lot of different builds that caught my eye.  I really liked the consistency of this Spoon… Continue reading

Event: Wekfest San Jose 2014 – V.1

  This picture is exactly how my desk looks right now as I’m typing this. Random, I know, but this was actually taken last Saturday morning, back at home after I missed my… Continue reading

One Shot: Live Your Dream

  This past weekend I flew up to Nor-cal to attend Wekfest which was held in San Jose this past Sunday.  Saturday night though, Huy and I took some time to drive up… Continue reading

Close-Up: Kristian Wong – From Out Of The Blue

    At the beginning of the year, the 2014 Redline Time Attack series saw a new face join the ranks.  Kristian Wong; by day a tuning specialist at SP Engineering in the… Continue reading

Feature: Suwa Tomoki’s AE86 – A Friendly Rivalry

    上杉 治憲 (Uesugi Harunori), a Japanese Daimyo of the Azizuki clan, king of samurai, was quoted as once saying, “なせばなる”; in English, “If you take action, it will become.”  It’s an… Continue reading

Site News: Narita Shop is reopen!

    I announced it on Instagram and Facebook last night, but I totally forgot to make  a post on the site.  I know it was closed for quite awhile, but since we’ve… Continue reading

Encounter: ルージュ浪人

    In the empty back lot of Fuji Speedway, interceding between the rolling green hills and the cloud engulfed mountains, we encountered this lone NSX; parked almost as if to add to… Continue reading

Event: NDF x CPK6 x Maruyama Summer Civic Meet

    A month or so ago Maruyama-san had got together with Sekinei and organized a Civic meet at Daikoku PA that was to be held last weekend.  The original idea came about… Continue reading