Event: チーム山田じゃんけんドリフト!

  Team Yamada is a team…kind of.  Well, maybe the word ‘group’ would better fit the description.  Team Yamada is a group who organize じゃんけん (Janken) events in Japan.  Janken, if you’re unfamiliar… Continue reading

Event: Rainy Mobara – Reverse Entry Mania!

OK, so one day a few weeks ago, Sekinei, Matt and I headed to Mobara the morning that I was supposed to be on a flight back to America.  I’m not sure what… Continue reading

Encounter: Cockpit S15 – 海ほたる Finds

      Awhile back one weekend night I had went to Odaiba to hang out with Asami and her friends.  We had gone to the Tokyo Trick Art Museum which is a… Continue reading

Encounter: X100 Sliding Battle Junkie

  Came across this Kazama equipped Chaser at Mobara during a Team Yamada event earlier in the year.  I’m not sure if it was still the 1J in there, or if the owner… Continue reading

NDF Build: NDF TA Civic Rebuild V.3

  I’ve been overdue for an update on this build for awhile now; even though not much has happened since.  This past Saturday Jay and I drove over to Bardabe’s place to finally… Continue reading

Site News: DOGFIGHT LCP – Carbon Goods For Circuit

  So, one of the side projects that I’ve been working on over the past few months is expanding the site to include a very niche line of carbon goods, targeted towards circuit… Continue reading

Encounter: Auto Gallery Yokohama R32 – Evome Veteran

  A familiar face to Tsukuba’s TC2000; the Auto Gallery Yokohama time attack R32.  Harumichi’s creation is both powerful and nimble enough to clock a quick 57.371 around Tsukuba.  I’ve been a huge… Continue reading

One Shot: Kei’s Street Special R32

  I was going to make a wallpaper post out of this, but then out of laziness I just decided to post it here in hi-res because I already posted it on the… Continue reading

Event: HKS Premium Day 2014 – Hiper Challenge

    The first on-circuit event of the day was the Hiper Challenge; an event open to those amateur’s and privateers.  Despite that fact though, there were quite a few cars that got… Continue reading

Event: HKS Premium Day 2014 – The Paddock V.2

  So we’ll continue the delayed NDF coverage of HKS Premium Day 2014 with a walk-through of the garages at Fuji.  While the majority of the Hyper Challenge cars pitted in one of… Continue reading

Event: HKS Premium Day 2014 – The Paddock V.1

  The theme of the next few posts are going to ‘Better late than never’, as this event has passed almost 2 months ago – but to be honest I haven’t seen that… Continue reading

Site News: NDF – Missing In Action

    Well, it’s March 18th, 2014 and I have no doubt in my mind that the last 18 days of life have been the busiest I’ve ever experienced.  I have been going… Continue reading