Preview: Super GT Super Lap Qualifying – Fuji Speedway


I gotta say, I’ve been having one hell of a week.  With that out of the way, let me apologize for not updating the blog as promised.  I’ve been giving you crappy teasers on our Facebook page for the past 6 days and I’ll be the first to admit it’s pathetic.  Honestly though, I’ve only had minutes at the end of my days to throw something together to share, and the nights I have a few hours free, I’ve been spending street hunting around  Tokyo.  On a positive note, I’ve got tons of content to go through in the coming days and I will try to get it to you as fast as I can.  Nobody likes race coverage weeks after the actual race.  I’ve still got three or four Super Taikyu articles to write for NDF and other sites as well and now I have the above to sort through!  Today I woke up at 4am to drive to Fuji Speedway and attend Round 2 Qualifying of Super GT.  I would be modest by saying that it was a wet track; it didn’t stop raining until late afternoon and I was wearing converse.  Luckily my homemade (S2000 made? – for TY) waterproof camera/lens cover worked wonders.  Anyway, it looks like clear skies for tomorrow’s race and I couldn’t be more excited.  Thanks for your patience and stay tuned because you can bet that you’ll be stoked at what’s coming up soon.  Thanks for visiting.



  1. Can’t wait to see more pics. So jealous!

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    We wrote a post earlier in the year about the SuperGT300 Prius, under development! Now we’ve found a snap of it in action at Fuji!

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