Close-Up: Kohno-san GP Sports 180SX

One of the cars I enjoyed watching most at this past round of D1SL at Nikko was this GP Sports 180SX.  The car is driven by コウノ シオン (Kohno Shion) who you may remember by the Y’s Factory S15 last year.  That car was cool, but in my humble opinion, this one is better!  Something about the GT style lines of the G-Sonic Evolution kit make the car look completely different than your average 180sx; plus the kit is absurdly expensive.

As good as this car looks in static though, it looks even better when it’s going sideways.

Mid corner at Nikko.  I only attended qualifying so I’m not quite sure how he placed in the event – I’ll check the website soon.

I have a lot of neat little features like this built up from the event, so if this is your thing, look forward for more!  Thanks for visiting!

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