Encounter: Team M/M/M & ACTION 180SX


I was first introduced to this car last time I was at Nikko Circuit for D1SL.  The driver, Mitsuru Murakami, is a SEED driver for the Street Legal series; unfortunately, he had some mechanical problems early on and I never got to see it on track.  The car was built in conjunction with Total Car Produce MMM and ACTION/ SPM.  The SR under the bonnet is powered by a GT3037S turbine to the tune of 420ps – plenty of power to throw around on the Federals.



When I arrived they were pushing it back into the garage area to start working on it.  This car has so much soul it’s unreal; top level for sure.



Hopefully I’ll get a chance to see it next year.  I posted a few of these up on the fan page awhile back and they got pretty good responses, so I thought I’d post it up and give you a little more information on the car.  Hope you enjoy ~



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  1. Can someone tell me what fenders, rear bumper (without the diffuser) and wheels specs are., lol

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