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One night in Yokohama, my friend and I went out to dinner to a restaurant in LaLa Port; a giant shopping center near Kamoi station.  If you remember my last post about Advance, you’ll remember that the shop is located very close-by to where we were.  I don’t get to Japan as much as I used to, so when I’m there I like to stop in and say hi to the friends I’ve made at some of the shops.  So when we drove by and we saw that the lights were still on, we pulled over to chat a bit with Masahiro-san; and take a few pictures of course.


The shop’s infamous, Fuji-attacking NSX was parked in it’s usual spot in front of the vending machine; from which I purchased an Emerald Mountain Blend of course.




This time sporting a set of polished SP1’s, instead of the more track inspired RPF1’s.




It had just stopped raining and the car was speckled in drops of water.




The light from the vending machine made for an almost ‘studio’ like glow on the side of the NA1.




Under 2 minute club ~




The NSX wasn’t the only billboard outside the shop though…




Their FD3S was also posted up on the other side of the driveway, in front of a customer’s S15.




Inside the shop it was business as usual.  Advance always has a nice selection of clientele.  They were working on a handful of NSX’s and a few Lexus as well.




Some were getting minor brake upgrades…




…while others were going the more aggressive route.  Like this dual caliper, AP Racing setup; all with Endless pads of course.




It’s always nice to stop in and see the amazing work this shop does, and to catch up and say hi to Masahiro-san.  Looking forward to the next time I can visit.






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  4. Loving your work. More than just a little jealous.

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