Feature: Misa-Chan R-Magic FD3S “Blacky”


Meet Misa.  Misa was showing her car at the Minkara Meeting and after discussing it a bit with her, I knew I had to make a post on it.  I’m not sure what everyone will think about this, but I absolutely love it.


At first glance, although pretty amazing, it may seem like (I say this in the nicest way) just another Japanese FD.  V-mount, full R-Magic aero, carbon bits every where, fancy wheels, etc., etc. Even if that was the case, it wouldn’t be a bad thing; but it’s not as you will shortly find out.



19″ Gram Light 57 Accelerate Pros in titanium finish wrapped in Advans take care of the four corners. This is a 2-Piece forged wheel that you don’t see too often.


But all of this still isn’t the reason I liked this car so much.  If you take a look at this R Magic decal, you’ll start to get an idea though.


Misa covered pretty much every part of the car should could in rhinestones.  Door handles, interior pieces, headlight shrouds, decals, even the end plates on her canards; all were covered in rhinestones.  I have no idea why, but I find that extremely cool.


Check out the little titanium rotary design in the headlight.



The interior matches the exterior quite well…in the fact that it’s also covered in rhinestone.  Check out the Power FC Controller…awesome detail!


Her son gets shotgun – lucky kid!


Extraordinary!  Even has a backup camera in one of the license plate bolts.  I love seeing original ideas like this executed so well.  Great work!

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