Encounter: ゴキゲンジャー Taro-san’s Attack GC8



One contender in Time Attack not seen often is Taro-san’s GC8; hailing from the Gokigenja squad of cars and built in part by Fiber Garage.  A very unique chassis in a sport usually dominated by FD’s, S-chassis, EVO’s, and Skylines – but nothing to joke about at a top time of 57.299 around TC2000.




Early morning circuit preparation involves lots of coffee.




Heading out for the first set of runs…




On to the attack.  Taro’s sector times are only tenths off those in the 56 second range – no doubt he will achieve it in 2014.






  1. Everything about it from the shaved sports bumper. To the composite covers, can’t tell id thats a shaved or vented trial hood but this is too awesome!!

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