Encounter: Super Speed – Seki Motor Sports S13


For a good sixteen years now, the Miyagawa brothers have been designing body panels for a wide variety of cars under the Garage Mak name.  Creative to say the least, they are able to envision their ideal end product and from start to finish execute the process flawlessly.  Each chassis taking on a completely different look, but still retaining the flagship style that Mak is known for.  The aero pieces they created years ago for the S13 are a good example of such style.  A style that Nagano resident Yuichi Seki has taken to an entirely new level…


While it may seem a bit unfortunate that Garage Mak has since discontinued many of the parts on Seki’s car, it’s also something that makes it that much more special.  The Type 2 bumper in combination with carbon, ‘undercover’, or splitter for lack of better terminology, is however still available.  Seki’s choice of painting some parts, and leaving the carbon exposed on others is a style that’s prevalent on all the GM demo cars.


Basking in the afternoon sun of Yokohama.


Refreshing to see three of their demo cars together at once.  The ‘completeness’ of them goes without saying, and the fact that their owners put their own unique characteristics into each is great.


Quick cell phone shot ~


The highly modified SR20, built by Toshitake, puts out an adequate 593 horsepower; more than enough to get him sideways on track.  Actually, that’s pretty much more than enough for anything you’d want to do with the car.  Seki chooses to drift ~


The matte bronze Work Meisters match the red paint beautifully.


Seki’s own brand.


Similar to Baki’s S15, the color of Seki’s car stood out brilliantly against the dull backdrop of our secret spot.


Strong profile.



Another piece that is still offered is the rear canard and diffuser setup.  Something very unique to Garage Mak design.



Browsing through Seki’s Minkara just now I came across the small video he made of their trip to Yokohama for Winter Cafe.  I’m pretty sure I linked it during the posting of the coverage, but it just reminded me again how cool of a guy he is.  On top of that he asked me to sign his car – which I was a little taken aback about.  Then shortly after Baki asked me the same thing hahaha I’m glad I finally got to meet him after chatting online and following his build for such a long time.

See you again soon!

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