Encounter: Yuji Maruyama’s S2000

I had a handful of message requests on Instagram for more pictures of Maruyama’s S2000 – I had some extra time this afternoon so I scrounged around for some to edit and post.  The car is very well built, and reflects the great balance that you can achieve with a few carefully selected modifications.  It also makes a case for the C-West bumper being among the best looking front bumper choices for the chassis; I think I like it even more than Voltex.

The rest of the car is dressed in a temperate aero that flows from the front; the ASM fenders, the craft square mirrors.  Even the splitter, strakes and GT wing are all mild mannered, not to overdo the subtleness.  I took these at the February Battle Evome event – which seems like a terribly long time ago.

It’s probably already showing, but I will be taking a small break from the website for a couple weeks.  I’ve decided I need to devote more time to completing my own car and so I’ve given myself a deadline.  Although the car will be going to be tuning on the 15th there are still quite a few things to prepare before that, and many to follow.  Completing the car has become somewhat of a necessity for a few reasons, aside from me wanting to drive again, and since it’s the off-season I figured now would be a good time.  I haven’t been great at keeping the progress of the build documented, so I think I’ll compile a look through the car after I get it back from tuning.  I’ll do my best to keep the IG updated, but will pretty much be checking out for awhile.  I had a trip to Japan planned for the middle of this month that I ended up cancelling for the aforementioned reasons as well.  So, if you’re interested, keep an eye out for that coming soon.  In the meantime, check out Maruyama’s S2000 below:



  1. Thanx!

  2. WhoisAnts

    damnnnn loving that Amuse Hood!

  3. Jesus, isn’t she a beauty?! Such a shame it is almost impossible to get one of S2000 in Europe…

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