Encounter: Midship Runabout – Masahide Fukushima’s TPS Tuned MR-S

I guess since we’re on the topic of mid-engined roadsters (although technically only the Elise, not the Exige,  was roadster), rarely seen in the Japanese Attack arena, now would be a good time to post up some shots of this MR-S.  Owned by Masahide-san, and tuned by the foremost MR-S tuners in Japan, Techno PRO Spirit, this is one of the only of it’s type in the Attack lineup.  It’s aggressive exterior is backed up by some pretty formidable times at TC2000; a 59.4 to be specific.

The ZZW30 has always been hailed as the best handling MR2 in the lineage, and with Masahide’s improvements the car has only gotten better. The motor has been caressed into outputting about 210 horsepower; an increase of 70hp over the stock 1ZZ.  With the roadster weighing a mere 810kg (1785 pounds), the available power is plenty to power it around circuits at respectable speeds.  Like it’s Lotus counterpart, the widened fenders are filled with Hethel LE48 wheels in a gold finish.  The wheels are staggered with a 225/45/16 tire up front and a wider 255/40/17 in the back.  Check out the photos below, and we’ll check back next year to see if Masahide can hit his target time of a 59 flat.


  1. Love seeing some ZZW30 love on NDF!

  2. Very surprised that he does not seem to run any strut brace in the front. What a great machine!

    • it’s not uncommon for tuners in Japan to tune the suspension with spring rates and damping alone

  3. Do you know what fender flares those are? Or the owners Instagram? Thank you!

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