Encounter: &G Corporation Time Attack SW20

Located in central Kasai, in the heart of the Hyogo Prefecutre, surrounded by farmland lies the small tuning shop, &G Corporation.  Specializing in aftermarket tuning of Toyota and Nissan applications, it’s only fit that the car that flies the shop’s flag is this very unique MR2.  The owner and driver, Nakajima-san, has commissioned the car in open events for a very long time now, but for the past few years, the car has been developed rather dramatically.

The one-off exterior of the car provides aerodynamic grip much more so than the previous reiterations.  As the advantages of aerodynamic grip move it’s way deeper and deeper into grassroots time attack, more shops and individuals are taking their own ideas and manifesting them into something material.  The results can be mixed at best, but I think Nakajima did a pretty good job here.  The engine was built with the help of Pit Road, as Nakajima shares a good relation with the rather eccentric owner of the neighboring shop, Bruce Morishita.  Putting out a healthy 430ps, it has more than enough power to propel the small chassis around the circuit in respectable times.

Complimenting the aero are a full set of Ohlins at all four corners.  A staggered tire setup with 265/35/18 front and 295/30/18 rear, typically Advan A050, give the car more than enough grip.  The car ran a 1:22.409 most recently at Central Circuit, which marks it’s personal fastest lap around the course.  Enjoy the photos!



  1. mikereedskiing

    Any idea if he’s ever run this car at tsukuba? Great coverage!

  2. Awesome! I was hoping you’d cover this car! Thank you for covering it.

  3. itrbroham


    You have anymore photos or info on Nishida’s supercharged S2000?

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