Encounter: Kenji Mori’s CBY AE86

I can always appreciate a dedicated race car build that maintains the character of a street car.  More than just a collection of parts thrown together, these cars carry with them a certain presence – an appearance that brings with it an almost tangible-like feeling.  Arguably, in Japan, the AE86 chassis has the ability to achieve this more than any car out there.  Be it due to its history in racing both on track and street, or perhaps its timeless design that attracts shops to continually develop parts for it.  Whatever the case, there are some very indismissable examples, and Kenji’s CBY supported build is a perfect representation of this idea.

Crystal Body Yokohama, the veteran 86 builders of aforementioned locale, have supported the build from the start – which might be part of the reason the car holds such a strong aura about it.  The 215hp 4A-GE has been massaged with a handful of TODA Racing parts; including a set of individual throttle bodies.  Weighing in at a mere 815kg, the power the small motor puts out is plenty to get the car around TC2000 in just about 1 minute (1’00.243).  Enjoy the gallery.

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