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Feature: Occupy Fuji – Morita’s Dominant CP9A

About two years ago I stumbled across Morita-san’s EVO browsing through Minkara; although at the time, I only knew him by his internet handle ‘Hanipon’.  I had never seen an EVO 6 as aggressive as his, and after exploring his build a little further, instantly became a fan.  Suffice to say I was a little shocked when he reached out to me randomly in an email at the beginning of the year.  We exchanged a few words, I sent him some decals, and as some things happen to work out, he was able to make the drive down from Saitama to attend our FRSxNDF meeting last month.  Never one to pass on opportunity, we scheduled a photo shoot at Fuji shortly after.  I was already impressed with the presence of this build online, but it was nothing compared to what the car looks like in person.

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Feature: Ito Atsushi’s Tamon Design FC3S

I feel that the aftermarket companies that support older chassis don’t get enough credit. To produce new parts for an application that is constantly diminishing in population isn’t something easily committed to.  It takes a dedication, and a love for motor sport, to appeal to these cars.  As time passes, because we’re so enthralled by the cars of the 80’s and 90’s, we don’t recognize just how old some of these cars are.  The FC, for example, made it’s debut in 1985; celebrating it’s 30th birthday just last year.  Appreciating the everlasting potential of these cars is something worth noting, and Atsushi-san of Shizuoka does just that with his Tamon Designs clad RX7.

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Feature: The Semblance of GT – Jun Tanaka’s Silvia S15

Finding originality among the masses these days seems almost like a lost cause; difficult to say the least.  It seems we’ve fallen into an echo-chamber, driven by internet popularity, that promotes the trendy favorable over imagination.  Very few choose to forge their own path of innovation and ingenuity, and it’s left us with more ‘inspired by’ designs than one should have to endure.  This sheep-like quality is absent in Mr. Jun Tanaka, however, and the S15 that he’s created is unlike any other.

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Archives: No Stone Unturned – K2 Racing RX8

There’s nothing quite like seeing a chassis pushed to it’s very limit.  Regardless of make, model and drive-train, watching a car get transformed into a full fledged circuit machine is one of my favorite pleasures in this medium.  It’s not something that happens often, and a lot of times (based on a plethora of factors) people end up settling; believe me when I tell you, I know all too well.  So when a shop takes the gloves off on a build, it’s something I get excited about.  In the case of this RX-8, K2 Racing takes Mazda’s last rendition of the Renesis to it’s peak, and maybe just a little bit further.

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Locale: Tomisato, Chiba – RE雨宮

The amount of influence that Amemiya-san has in the field of tuning Mazdas, specifically the RX-7, is arguably untouchable.  The popularity of his designs and the overall originality of his creations are known not just throughout Japan, but the entire world.  Walking through the showroom of Isami’s flagship shop in Tomisato, Chiba, you’re given proof of how much weight the name carries.  Trophies from race events, car shows, and manufactuer recognition are plastered from one wall to the other.  Momentos of achievement past and present line the glass cases along the walls of the showroom, surrounding the beautiful blue, Super GReddy clad demo car sitting front and center.

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Event: Final Bout 2016 – Special Stage East V.1

This year, the collective minds behind Final Bout set out to unite a country over the sport of drifting; instilling in the nation a certain set of qualities they feel are necessary for the sport to thrive with it’s Japanese roots intact.  Each carefully selected location of the Special Stage events provided their own unique characteristics in both venue and demographics that helped define what drifting is in each corner of the nation.  Uncovering, and highlighting these places allowed others to experience different parts of the country, both first and second hand, that we wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to.  I think this alone is reason enough to undertake a project as massive as Final Bout has been in 2016.  This time the crew headed to Canaan Motor Club in central New Hampshire to host the third, and final stage of the trio of special events.

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Editorial: Inspiration vs. Influence

Thursday morning Kayla and I set off to Tokyo via the Tokaido line out of Yokohama Station.  I really dislike going into the city with a car, especially to Tokyo.  I mean, I’m not the biggest fan of Tokyo in general, and it’s just further compounded when I’m driving there; it’s not so much the driving, but the parking really.  We were walking around Meiji Shrine when I got a message from Kubo at Garage Work.  He was asking if I wanted to stop by the shop that afternoon.  I was literally in Chiba the day before visiting Masao at Technical Motor, and from a fiscal standpoint wasn’t quite in the mood to be going back again, but honestly, I could never pass down a visit to the one shop that influences me in a way no others do.