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Feature: Soaring Progression – AutoBahn’s Carbon JZZ30

Without a doubt the most interesting thing for me, in following Japanese Time Attack so closely, is getting to see the progression of builds over an extended period of time.  We all know that building a race car isn’t a quick task, and for most people at the grassroots level it’s a trial and error procedure; you find out what works and what doesn’t from your initial base, and head back to the drawing board after each event.  Everyone has their own method of going about this, but the common goal for everyone, however, is to go faster.

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Encounter: AutoBahn Carbon SC300

I know I’ve posted a couple shots of this car in the past (in a bit more comprehensive write up), but I was combing through some Evome coverage from the beginning of the year and came across a ton of material I never posted.  Among them were shots of the AutoBahn Soarer that, unfortunately, didn’t make it around the track much this event.