Video: Attack Tohoku 2023 – Sportsland Sugo Season Opener

Attack Tohoku is hosted alongside the Good Luck Festival each year at Sportsland Sugo.  It has often been used to mark the beginning of each new season of Attack.

The event, although just as serious as any other Attack event, has a more laid back atmosphere than any of the other venues; maybe Miyagi prefecture is just a bit slower paced.  The driver list is shorter than Attack Tsukuba, and is consisted mostly of serious drivers who favor Sugo as a circuit, and are finalizing testing for the new season.   The grounds of Sugo during late October are nothing short of beautiful.  The lush forested backdrop is mixed with evergreens and trees whose leaves have just started changing color for Fall, making for a spectacular backdrop.  Weather is typically very mild; overcast in the 15-20 degree Celsius range.  This year we had a bit of spotty rain, but overall not the worst conditions.

All of these things add up to make for a very enjoyable weekend, both for drivers and for us photographers.  Aoki he joked about the day being mostly for photographers, as the conditions favored us more than the drivers.

The highlight of the event had to be the two fastest GTR’s in Japan battling head to head during the Super Lap.  We’ll have a full article posted soon with photos, laps times, and a general overview of the event.  For now, please head to our YouTube channel and enjoy the video.  If you like what’s there, do us a favor and subscribe to get notified when new videos release.  We have a few in the works that I think you’ll enjoy.  Thanks for watching.





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  1. JustaFormer11B

    The Japanese time attack scene is magical to me. It is evident that the teams and drivers choose particular cars because they want THAT car to be the fastest and not just pick a machine that will get them around the track faster than anyone else. The immense amount of pride they have for the type of car and the soul it takes on is almost mythical. I see this type of thing elsewhere, but not to the degree I perceive it to be in Japan. I cannot wait to see what happens this season with the new benchmark at Tsukuba.

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