Encounter: Okamura-san’s Attack S13 – ガラージブリオ



Here’s another attack enthusiast you don’t see too much of; Okamura-san’s S13.  Also a member of the Gokigenja family, this SR powered S13 coupe was built with the help of Hiteq Garage Brio – a shop based out of the Nagano area of Japan.




The pieced together aero makes for a pretty aggressive stature.




The plywood splitter is a testament to the grassroots of Evome.  It’s also reminds me of the one I had on my civic haha.




Okamura-san managed a 1’00.673 attack time around TC2000, with sector times in the high 24’s and 11’s.  I hope to see him around next year.



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  1. Dominic

    What is the front bar / splitter combination. And the front fenders.
    Perfect circuit set up

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