Event: Battle Evome 2014 – The Winter War



Everyone wants a flame, nobody wants to get burnt.

A statement that cries out to the majority.  Sacrifice, defeat, disappointment; bitter vices that coincide with the greatest of victories.  Vices that the average will reluctantly turn from, fearful of the unknown.  Well, these contenders are not your average.  These are the advocates of time.  These are the tested, the determined, the resolute, the masters.  They are the scorched.

Burnt by the flame of conquest.  A crusade of self-liberation, of constant improvement.  Experts of their craft, aces of the clock.  Nothing matters but time.  Nothing.

The battlegrounds: TC2000.  The standard; a benchmark.  A milieu that has set the criteria of all that is attack.  Relentless, callous, untouched by mercy.  A fair locale to all.

This is not for the weak of heart.  This is not a mere sport.  This will push you beyond your limits of comfort.  It will grasp you from the depths of your soul and it will not let you go until you have reached your threshold.  This is the decisive, the ultimate.  This is where legends are created.

This is Battle Evome.




An arena where the heat of the battle is just as sweet as the victory.

0, 1 t.  Moty’s FD. 1050 Kilograms, 550 horsepower.  Top tier. 2014 aero updates immense.




T’s Factory AE86.  Driver: Suwa Tomoki.  810 kilograms, 200 horsepower.  2014 updates heavy.




江島清貴; pilot of the TFR FD.  Kiyo; veteran of TC2000.  1100 kilograms, 520 horsepower.  Mild 2014 updates.




Kuni of Wood Village fame.  First S30 to break under 1 minute mark TC2000.  1060 kilograms, just shy of 370 horsepower.  You’d be hard pressed to find an enthusiast who knows not of this car.




トトまる – CT9A.  Friend of KD.  The baddest EVO on circuit.  Weight/Power unknown.




Auto Gallery Yokohama – 32 GTR. Spring Road.  Not the Fuji build that you typically think of when you imagine the AGY GTR.  Tsukuba breed.  57 runner.




Unfamiliar in machine, legend in person.  Super Now.  スーパー今 997 GT3RS.




きゅうちゃん.   Yuzi EVO CT9A.  Shakedown event.  Lap times noncompetitive.




動くシケイン.  TFH EVO 6.5 – a veteran.  Street Driven.  1250 kilograms, 500 horsepower.  2014 updates low.



Craft Company FD3S.  Redtree Rems collaborative.  Kitajo of CC piloted.





Wild Heart FD3S.  Untamed.  Tommy – 2014 newcomer.




Iwata-san.  Master of FF.  Title holder.  A king in his own right.  695 kilograms, 240 horsepower.  Friend of NDF.  2014 updates immense.





GH-1117. Ti-Racing, SK Exige.  A queen amongst kings.  860 kilograms, 330 horespower.




Yukimitsu Hara.  Car Shop Glow FD3S.  2014 upgrades ongoing.  Seen here at Zest, Saitama.  Resting.  Lying in wait.  1100 kilograms, power tbd.

A sample of those who fight.  An illustration of what’s to come.  Round 2 of Battle Evome; a Narita Dog Fight exclusive look – coming soon.

The 2014 season of time attack is upon us.  The contenders are prepared.  Are you ready?




  1. This is intense

  2. Fucking brilliant Sean. Thanks for everything you do and keep up the hard work!

  3. Edwuin Romero

    Love the work Sean… btw do you think you know/ recognize the wheel brand on the—- “トトまる – CT9A. Friend of KD. The baddest EVO on circuit. Weight/Power unknown.” pic?

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