Event: 2014 NDF Winter Cafe V.2




Continuing coverage of the 2014 Winter Cafe with more shots of the cars on level 3 of the PA.  Again, so many cars were coming and going, that it was hard to catch everyone, especially with me stopping to chat with people.  At this point I had gotten frustrated trying to hand held everything so I went back to the Hobio support car and got out my tripod.  I really don’t prefer taking photos with a tripod because the shots end up coming out very similar to one another, but with the dim lighting at Umihotaru it’s almost a must.
After I grabbed my tripod I went back over near the entrance to level 3 to chat with Baki and the Garage Mak guys for a little while.  It’s hard saying you have to go in the middle of a conversation, but I really did need to start taking pictures…this show, not being very well known, doesn’t have a ton of other media that attend.  I was lucky that a couple really cool guys in Japan took photos as well; TMK’s Works among others.


Next to the Garage Mak cars was the Phase One S15 that was recently in a number of magazines actually…








Rather impressive body work and paint.  I really couldn’t capture how shiny this car was.









S15 lambo door central.








Couple other drift S15’s – Baki gave a heads up to his S15 friends that live in the Chiba and Tokyo area to attend if they could.  Ended up being a good amount ~






Couple cars from Sencist Works in East Japan.





Really liked the scheme of this S14.  Reminds me of LA in the 90’s for some reason.







Well put together Z33.







Another shot of the Sencist Works S13.











As more people kept coming ~






Enjoyed seeing this FD again.  Really like the blue on the Wedssports SA-60M’s against the white body.





I liked the hood on this wine colored FD.







Same tails as the white FD.  Much different look otherwise with the Abflug parts ~






Somehow a lot of the FD’s got parking together as well.  That Benz managed to hold it’s spot for quite awhile though haha






You may remember this 240 from Technical Motor from our Attack meeting coverage in Chiba.  Still one of my favorites.







Huge cutouts in the front bumper to allow more air to flow through the front mount.














Seki’s Garage Mak built S13…and if you think, for whatever reason, that Garage Mak cars are all show; you’d be horribly wrong.  Not only are they tracked regularly, but Seki’s car makes something like 700 whp…it’s really, really quick.






This S15, although not adorned in Revolution aero, is very close with Garage Mak.  The owner, Toshitake-san, is responsible for all the engine builds for the Mak cars.  With that said, you can imagine how built his own S15 is.






Super out of order, but I decided to throw a few more shots of Mr. J’s NSX in.






The silver Advan RS go beautifully with the blue exterior and paint matched Brembo calipers.  Actually, all Advance cars use Endless pads, so even the brake pads would match the theme.
















So well put together; really one of the most beautiful NSX’s in Japan.






I owe Matt a huge thank you for running the makeshift store front all night.  I feel bad because he didn’t get a chance to go around and say hi to all his friends, as he knew many people there.  I had a hard time taking photos anyway, and if I had to go back to the car every time someone wanted any merchandise I really wouldn’t have anything to show you guys.  So a huge thank you goes out to young Matt – awesome work.








Yuki Oshima drove all the way down from Niigata to attend…and he drives the car like this.





Something about this car…






Hara-san unloading…maybe loading, I can’t remember the Car Shop Glow FD from the flatbed.  Always appreciate the support from the Attack group.


Next variant we’ll continue coverage of the third level, as well as take a look at what was overflowing outside.


Still lots to come!

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