Encounter: Hatsukura BNR32 At Fuji

I came across this R32 GTR at Fuji a few weeks ago.  It struck me as an almost ideal build; one that looks amazingly well, performs on track, and retains enough comfort to drive to and from the track.  The dated body matched with Volk’s updated take on the TE37 works surprisingly well together.  Hankook Ventus Z214 S-type tires ensure that the driver is able to utilize the full potential of the GTR.  The time sheets indicated that the driver was able to snag a 2’02.xxx around Fuji Speedway.  I never had an opportunity to talk to the owner and get more information, so photos will have to suffice. Enjoy.



  1. Great photos! Such a sweet R32.

  2. Donavan Griffith

    Fantastic well put together R32

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