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Encounter: An Absence Justified – The TFR FD Returns

It’s been some time since the paddocks of Japan’s most credible race tracks have been graced with the presence of Ejima Kiyotaka and his TFR built FD3S.  This year, changed all that, as the Attack Tsukuba Championship played host to his return, and the unveiling of his newly rebuilt FD.  I wouldn’t say that Kiyotaka ever cut corners with this car, and it’s performance to date backs that up.  Low 56 second lap times are no joke at Tsukuba; but he wanted more from the car.  To achieve the performance he demanded, he would need to take a step back from competing.

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Close-Up: The Sum of Spectrum – Top Fuel S2000

White; the presence of all.  An achromatic array of all that’s visible in our spectrum.

It’s pure.  It’s wholeness.  It’s completion. A reflection of all.

It is everything without anything.  It’s a complicated simplicity.  In psychology, it stands for new beginnings, a clean slate; for setting a new standard.  It’s only appropriate then, that Top Fuel chose to dress their time attack dominating S2000-RR in a shade of white.

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Event: HKS Premium Day 2015 – Assault on Fuji


There I found myself; laying on the ground, the unmistakably cold chill of the natural wooden planks pressed against my warm back, staring blankly at the clouds drifting lazily overhead.  I slowly closed my eyes, ignoring the incredulous stares from the other men in the room, relaxing my exceedingly overworked muscles.  As the cool breeze consumes my elevated body temperature, and a somewhat effervescent steam radiates from my naked body, I couldn’t help but let my mind wander – recollecting upon the events of the day.  It had been a long one, I thought to myself, and ending the day with a trip to an onsen was nothing short of perfect (I realize that introduction has very little to do with the event, but I thought it was notably humorous).

Feature: Johnny’s 559 EK


Elementary.  The basics.  Simplicity.  Classicality.  Yes, that last one is actually a word.  All these words can sum up the look of Johnny’s fresh hatchback.  It’s almost more about the things he chose not to do, then what he did do that makes this EK so clean.  It’s a nice change from the over adorned, gaudy looking masses that make up the majority of modified cars these days.  Johnny lives in my hometown, and we met through theJDM awhile ago.  This is his second build and I’ve been wanting to shoot it for some time now, so I caught up with him at Eibach.  It’s tough to get creative shots at a car show, so consider this a preview to a more worthy future write-up.  Enjoy the pics past the break.