Close-Up: Top Fuel / Voltex S2000 – HKS Premium Day



Top Fuel; a company made famous by high powered builds.  Voltex; a company based on the foundation of aerodynamics.  Two companies, that, when married together can create a masterpiece on the circuit.




The Top Fuel/Voltex S2000 is quite possibly one of the most famous S2000 builds to date; and for good reason.  A completely custom, wind tunnel tested body in combination with…




…a specialty built F-series that is easily pushing 700whp, on paper should produce great results.  With Top Fuel behind the build, you know this car is no feet dragger in the power department.  Add on top of that a chassis weighing in at just above 2,200 pounds, and that number becomes staggering.




With this build still being less than a year old, I can’t wait to see what numbers this thing can produce throughout the 2013 season of time attack.





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