Locale: レヴォルフェ エス.アー. Revolfe S.A. Showroom



High Power & Save Energy.  The words that make up the entire mission statement of Revolfe S.A.; a tuning shop most famous for it’s high power, wangan inspired builds.  Earlier in the week, Sekinei and I met up with Tayama-san at Tsukuba Circuit, and he passed over to us some old VHS tapes full of footage from Yatabe test track for us to convert to DVD.  On those tapes, flying around Yatabe, was none other than the owner of Revolfe S.A.; Mizota-san.   So, after Sekinei converted them to DVD, he wanted to drop off a copy to Mizota-san…and here we are at Revolfe.




Not one for missed opportunities, I brought my camera along to take some pictures of the showroom.  One of the focal points was the Z33 that the shop is building for competition in the Nissan Z Challenge series.






The 350Z is a joint venture between Mizota-san, and Ito-san of Do-Luck Japan.  Combining two, very well know tuners in the industry makes for quite the creation.




The blue of the Weds SA-55M’s match the teal covered Do-Luck body panels very nicely.








The interior is just what you’d expect from a street inspired circuit car.  There are many restrictions in the Z Challenge series that allow the competition to be equal.  You’ll notice the majority of cars with pretty much full interior.




The Z33 wasn’t the only resident of the showroom though – as it shares it’s space with another, possibly more well known, build of Revolfe.




Mizota-san’s Z32 in all it’s glory, also calls the showroom it’s home.  Part Ablug widebody, part fully custom body panels adorn the whole of the Fairlady.




There is so much going on with this car it’s hard to even begin to describe what it’s like to see in person.




Mizota was nice enough to open the hood for me…




…as well as let me basically lounge around inside of it.




The pearl white Works match the vibrant purple very well.




Although both from the same lineage, these two Z’s are very different from one another.




After we talked for a while, we made our way outside to check out some of the other cars that were at the shop; one being this Abflug equipped Z32.  Revolfe S.A. will always be one of my favorite tuning shops in Japan, and the hospitality of Mizota-san is like none other.  He’s always been a big influence to me, and I’m glad I can call him a friend.






  1. Awesome looking.

  2. Awesome photos. Did you happen to get more shots of the interior of the z32?

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