Event: NDF Winter Cafe 2014 V.3




To be honest I’ve completely lost track of any sort of timeline that existed for this event, so continuing coverage of the NDF Winter Cafe Umihotaru takeover, part 3 will be a bunch of random shots of people and cars throughout the night; as will part 4 and 5 I’m sure.  I liked this shot from across the other side of the PA looking towards Matt’s C35/NDF shop.  One thing I enjoyed, and sort of lamented at the same time, was the ability for people to come and go freely.  Since this isn’t a pay your way in, privately organized event, you had a lot of flow throughout the night.  It was sort of refreshing; except it made it near impossible for me to shoot everyone that came.





Pretty nice lineup!






Colin from Dohc Research came out to say hi in his cool Miata.  It was nice to finally meet him!





Really cool S15 with BMW front clip on TE37SL’s.






Next to it was this Nismo styled ER34.






Not to be confused with this similar two door GTR on SL’s that was parked on the opposite side of the PA.




Super cool R32 on G7C5C2’s with a very pink front lip.





Very well put together S14.






White on white and blue LED’s; winning combo.






Good to see this R34 again.  He attended last year’s Cafe, and I see him often at other PA’s in Japan.  Very enthusiastic expressway running.








If you’re familiar with NDF then you’ve seen this TFR equipped FD on the site a few times.  Namely at Shibaura PA.









Masuhara-san’s other Z32; most of you know he owns a silver one as well that he’s usually in.  Nice to see him take out the red one…both are very, very quick.  If you know Masuhara-san you’d know why.





Something also red, but not quite the same, is Atsushi’s candy 3 series.






A man who should need no introduction; Mizota-san of Revolfe S.A.  Supporter and inspiration to myself in many ways.






Coupe Skylines along side this really cool 33 GTR.















Kume-san!  I saw Kume at Narita when I landed at Narita the previous week which is always good because he’s awesome.  We met briefly at the meet, but I wasn’t able to say goodbye and thanks before he left.









Liked the color on this 34.






Despite me seeing Nao’s car several times, I never actually saw Nao…this is another one of those unfortunate running around too much incidents.  Nao is actually expanding his shop in Misato (which may benefit me soon hehe), so I’ll be sure to see him next time.






Amisaki-san’s bright  yellow Z32, which he drove all the way from Osaka to attend.  I made sure to find him and talk for a little while.  He ended up just sleeping at the PA and driving back the next day.  Part of me felt really bad, but also very grateful haha.






Another Z you’re probably familiar with; Totsuka-san, who drove from Shizuoka…..







….with his Z on a flat bed.  His registration expired that week and he was unable to get time to renew it in time for the meet.  So instead of saying, sorry can’t make it, he loaded it up on a flatbed and drove it out to the PA.  Again, so grateful to have such support.






Do you know Hirata-san!? Super crazy style FF drifter extraordinaire.  平田 ゲンキ!






Hiroyuki moved his black NSX along side the two Advance ones once the spot opened up to make me nearly collapse with excitement of seeing three of my favorite NSX’s together in one place.






Profile shot of Naota-san’s Phase One S15.






Really liked the color on this FD.






Among all the chaos, I somehow managed to stumble upon Harada-san’s Z32.  Looks like his front bumper has taken some damage over the past few months.  Car is still looking amazing though.






I couldn’t beleive it, but even around midnight people were still rolling in; like this extremely clean FC on G7’s.







Also, while I was running around, Hara-san and Ken arrived along with the Garage Work boys.


Stick around because there is plenty more to come from the 2014 Winter Cafe!





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  2. Loved all the Z32’s that came out. Always felt like it got an undeserved also-ran status, especially here in the USA. Japan definitely showing us what can be done on this extremely capable platform. Looks like it was a amazing event.

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