Event: NDF Winter Cafe 2014 Finale – Attack On Umihotaru


Well, we’ve reached the fifth and final installment of the coverage for this year’s Winter Cafe.  I’d like to again thank everyone who came out and I hope you all had a really good time.  Having a chance to look back while posting this has been really neat for me, as I feel like I get to relive it all again without being so frantic.  I’m going to be traveling again for work so I wanted to get this last post up of the event before I leave tomorrow.  This post focuses on the cars that I have more of a personal connection with as far as the main focus of the site goes.  Cars from Garage Work, CSG, Mak, Nakajima’s FD, TM 240, etc.  The relationships I have with the people behind these builds is something I’ll always hold in high regard.

Let’s take a closer look!


This was actually when Work and company were leaving, as I was upstairs when they arrived.  Earlier in the week when I visited the shop for his birthday, he mentioned the Cafe and that he wanted to bring out his cars.  Initially he was going to drive the shop Kei-car, but I was taken aback when he mentioned bringing out three of the shop cars.


They had to cheat a little bit and drive up the opposite way to get to the third level from the ground.  It all worked out though; so strange to see this car amongst the general populace.



Surprisingly enough, not trailored, was Kubo’s EG!  I can’t believe he drove this thing from the shop.  He had panels of cardboard blocking the holes of the firewall because it was so cold outside haha


I had a chance to do a photoshoot with this car earlier in the week, so please look forward to a more in depth look.


Makoto-san made the trek across the bay along with the Work guys in his silver EK, adorned with full aero.


I was glad I finally got to meet him and see his car in person.  It’s been nice watching it evolve through Minkara and the random pictures that Iwata sends me.


I like this shot of Kubo leaning up against the hood.


Again, I’m pretending this is Hara-san offloading his FD, while in reality it’s him loading it to leave.  I was upstairs when Hara and Ken arrived.  I actually ran into Ken on the third level and he asked me if I had seen Hara…I hadn’t!  I definitely heard him when he pulled up though.


Nice to see the new aero package before it got track time.  Another Zest amalgamation of both Voltex and custom carbon work in both the front and rear of the FD.


I really like how well the new end plates came out for the wing and rear diffuser.  A part of me wants Yamazaki to connect them somehow haha


Profile shot of the new look.


I was able to snag a shot of the guys hanging out.  Hara, Iwata, Makoto, and Suwa.  Really happy Tomoki-san was able to come out with his family, despite not having his 86; very grateful.  It’s a testament to how close knit the Attack family is.  Click that link if you want to learn more about Suwa and Iwata’s relationship.


Technical Motors 240 again!


I wanted to try and get a couple abstract shots of Toshitake’s S15 as the body work is incredibly unique.


The front fenders looking more akin to a Super GT machine than anything else…


…and the rear matching in fashion.


This picture, to me, was pretty remarkable.  So many good cars in one shot, and the best part about it is the majority of the owners are friends of mine; truly grateful!  I think even Misa was surprised looking down the row in front of her FD.


Back on the other side Iwata was able to find parking…


…while Suwa son caught a ride on his dad’s shoulders.



Nice to see other media!



Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end though, and about 1:30 am people started heading out.  Especially those that had a long drive ahead of them, or were off to hotels.  Seki and the rest of the Mak guys were staying at a hotel in Sakuragicho, and were keen to get some rest after their long journey.


Ame-san heading out.


…and back downstairs the Work boys were taking off back to Chiba.


To be honest, this year’s event left me in sort of a daze as to what is in store for next year.  It’s obvious that we experienced some growing pains within just the past year, and I may need to step it up for 2015!  It’s both exciting and overwhelming, but I know with the support of those both behind and next to me we can make it happen.

Thanks again everyone for an awesome event, and an amazing year.  I hope to see you all again soon.


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