I wish I had more to say about this FD, but in all honesty this is my first time seeing the car at any event.  The owner was registered in the Grooving series, which is a series in itself that, as of last year, runs in tandem with the Evome events.  The Grooving events are catered more towards beginning drivers, or those that want to improve their skill on the circuit without having to enter events that host more advanced run groups.  You can read more about it on their website.

Having the series run alongside Evome is a neat feature because it brings out new cars and drivers annually.  This FD here, which was registered under LM Advance, is a great example.

NDF_8038-EditThe way the car’s aero flowed so well is what first caught my eye.  The C-West DRFT front bumper isn’t one I see often, and the smaller canards and splitter accentuate the piece nicely.  Of course the TCP Magic fenders are impossible to miss and round out the cars front end with a more aggressive tone.

NDF_8151-EditThe Grooving series doesn’t particularly limit the type of tire you can race on.  Some drivers prefer radials, others go out on semi-slick’s.  The owner of this FD was on Hankook TD’s that day.  The RX-7 looked amazing out on track, and was able to post a fast lap of 1’03.455; which is right around the middle of the pack in that run group.


NDF_8039-EditHankook Ventus TD wrapped around some gunmetal TE37’s – great color combination against the darker red.


NDF_8230-EditWhile not on the same level as what we’re used to seeing at Evome, it’s really cool to see new participants on track to gain more experience and enjoy the hobby we all love.  Keep in mind too, that a lot of the frontrunners in Attack and Evome today started off as mild builds as well.  So, cheers to the snowball effect.  Hope to see more of this car later in the year.


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  1. It’s crazy that a car like this is considered a “mild” build! In the U.S., this would be considered going all out and then some…we have a long way to go to catch up to the Japanese…as always, thanks for the great coverage!

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