Encounter: Yusuke Hoshino’s Unlimited Built CT9A

At the beginning of the year, after seeing Yusuke at both Evome events, I had realized that I never really posted much of his EVO.  We chatted a bit after the second event, and he mentioned that the car had been acting less than ideal.  Which shows in the lap times; nearly a full second off his January time.  Still, he’s come a long way with his build and it was Kaz at Unlimited Works that set him on the right track.

Before the car became of child of Unlimited, Yusuke had been having problem after problem getting the motor to run correctly.  Unlimited Works was able to get the EVO running smooth, but not before they made their own mark on it.  The power duo of Unlimited Works Nabeshima and Sekita rebuilt the motor using a Brian Crower 2.2 liter stroker kit, and a set of Tomei 270 cams.  The OE EVO 9 turbo remains, but that’s plenty now that the car is running with a proper tune.  The Haltech managed build now produces about 400ps and can run TC2000 is an amazing 58.679.

NDF_7953-EditYusuke has managed to combine a list of parts that perfectly portrays the EVO as a street driven track car.  The full Voltex aero package is mainly responsible for this look on the outside, but on the inside it’s what wasn’t added that counts.  The interior remains almost fully intact; no doubt keeping the creature comforts makes being stuck on the Tomei much more tolerable.


NDF_7943-EditIt’s the hints of ‘track car’ that make this build a little more intriguing.  The carbon rear windows aren’t what you’d normally find on a street car, but that doesn’t matter because carbon rear windows are the coolest.  That reminds me – have a 96-00 Civic coupe?


NDF_8461-EditThe cars been resprayed in a really unique shade of brownish black.

NDF_8463-EditOn the street, the white Volk TE37’s get teh Dunlop ZII treatment, while on track, Yusuke utilizes a gold TE37 with Advan A050.  No reason he can’t drive spirited on his commute to work right?



NDF_8335-EditYusuke has plenty of experience on track.  His smooth driving is a huge factor in how he can get the EVO around the track in such a quick time.

NDF_8057-EditHelps to a have support track side.


IMG_4896-EditFull Ohlins suspension takes care of the twisty bits.


IMG_4746-EditI don’t think the owner has any plans of diving into the realm of race car ownership anytime soon, but it would sure be interesting to see how the car would turn out if he did.  There’s something to say about getting to enjoy your track car anytime you want though – I commend him for that.  It’s something I miss almost every day!



  1. what kind of sideskirts are those? they don’t look like voltex

  2. Terrence

    I love builds like these. Reminds me that not everyone wants a 1000hp evo to have fun. Currently building a ct9a too for circuit, autox and of course street duties. Keep up the good work!!

  3. ITRbroham

    That color is really trick!

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