Event: Super GT Official Test Day at Motegi

A few weeks ago Super GT held the final official test day for the 2012 season.  The venue; Twin Ring Motegi.  While the majority of the teams set out to gather data for the upcoming 2013 season, there were a handful of championship contenders who were out testing with weight handicaps to simulate conditions of the final two races; Autopolis and Motegi.  JDM Clips was on hand to get some coverage of the first of two test days.  During the last race in Kyushu, the S-Road Mola team has clenched the 2012 GT500 team championship in an impressive last lap victory.


Epson HVS-010 rounding the lightly banked course.



The Hankook Porsche leaving the pits.  This team currently sits in first place in the GT300 class, but just 7 points ahead of the A Speed team.



Despite the rain during the first half of the session, it ended up being a great day for racing.



Raybrig HSV; I love the livery on this car.



While we’re on the subject, I may as well post the 3rd HSV in GT500 – the Weider team.


The #61 BRZ of the R&D Sport team – drivers Tetsuya Yamano and Kouta Sasaki currently sit 13th in the driver championship.  I’m guessing this team was focusing on their upcoming 2013 season during testing.



The JLOC Lambo piloted by Orido heading to the track.  I’m convinced that these guys are among the coolest people ever.



Another European car among the GT300 field; the GAINER Audi R8.  The team is currently in 4th place, although they are 16 points behind the 3rd place team.



Pit work on the Aguri teams ride.  I like the seating driver position on this car.



My favorite GT500 team; Lexus Team Zent Cerumo, still has a good chance of snagging the 2nd place crown for 2012.



Back in the garage area…




The Team Mugen GT300 CR-Z racked up an impressive 24 points in it’s shortened season.  I look forward to seeing what this car and team is capable of in 2013.


Autech GTR rear section.


Taniguchi was on hand to impress all the ladies.



HSV enemies.


Boxer on life support.



The 4th GT500 team that utilizes the HSV – Autobacs Aguri.  To say that this team struggled in 2012 would be an understatement.  All the best to them in 2013.  Looking forward to the final race and standings for 2012.  Thanks again to JDM Clips for the great shots.

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