Close Up: The HKS GT1000+ – The Final Act V.2


The poster child of HKS Premium Day; the GT1000+.  An enormously high powered R35 that was built for the sole purpose of achieving the fastest lap possible.  The build, which will compete in WTAC next year, was also the other half of the final event where they pit the GTR against the Endless Sports z4 GT3 I posted just yesterday.




I was able to get a closer look in garages earlier in the day, and reviewed a few of the changes from last year.




A rendition of the iconic HKS livery remains backed by the flashy chrome wrap, completed with the eerily green wrapped headlights.  A modified Ben Sopra body kit is adorned with various aero including a full undertray, rear diffuser, and front splitter/canards.




The bored, twin charged VR38 is equipped with a plethora of HKS parts that provide it horsepower levels in upwards of 1,000+ (hence the namesake).









The chassis mounted wing provides much needed downforce in the sweeping curves of Fuji.




Custom embroidered Bride seat for the pilot.




As weight plays a large role in the sport, and GTR’s are heavy in nature, HKS has ditched all unnecessary interior items and replaced the dash with a carbon alternative.





Massive Endless brake kits provide stopping power at each corner.






All together, a package that propels the R35 around Fuji in just 1’37.733 seconds!  While the car is in a whole different league power wise, it’s a time that crushes the Top Fuel S2000 which ran a best of 1’39.1 for the day.





Glad to see that HKS has progressed in dialing in this car from last year, and I can’t wait to see how it does in Australia.


We’ve got an entire overview of HKS Day coming this weekend – stick around!



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